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Michael Brown Consulting

I see that former FEMA Director Michael Brown is starting a disaster preparedness consulting firm. Some people just don't get it. Next thing you know Monica Lewinisky will be starting a dating service and the Menendez brothers will be penning a followup to Dr. Phil's "Family First". With "Brownie" (nose color?), it isn't just the results of his organization being caught unaware, inspite of years of warnings and scenario-based analysis, it was his conduct revealed in his emails during crisis that are extremely telling. When the going really gets tough in the midst of a real crisis, he's trying to figure out how to quit and planning his wardrobe for biggest aesthetic appeal. Such actions are extremely shallow and pathetic and certainly is not the best that the US has to offer.

And what does having "Brownie" as your disaster preparedness consultant say about your company? I certainly hope that someone keeps track of those companies so that they can be blacklisted from the commerce of people with greater than room temperature IQ's. The mind boggles....


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