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Working Out: First 31 Days

I thought I would give an update on my new years resolution to workout more. I can happily say that I have worked out 15 times in 31 days. Since I was actually out of town for a few days during the months, that means I had a greater than 50% workout rate, which is slightly less than I expected to do, but very good compared to my previous rate. A more hopeful sign is actually more of what I was doing, rather than how many times I did it. Throughout the month I doubled the number of stations that I do in my standard workout. For many of the stations I upped the weight by as much as 30% over the month, which is a truly hopeful sign that I am actually progressing in the process of getting in shape. Happily the process of adding new stations does not cause the morning after pain that I would expect. I am ecstatic to say that my trips are now under $20 per visit and I am well on my way to the sub-$10 figure that I am targeting by August.


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